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Earthquake Warnings via Social Media May 10, 2011

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As you knew, i came from Thailand which is located in Southeast Asia. I came here to study in Master and hope to go back to use my knowledge for developing myself and also applying for my work. Today, i read through some articles about the earthquake which is increasing everyday, from the last three months, there are three earthquakes happened in every month!! I can’t believe it..what happen with our world?? Or this is the punishment of the nature!!

One article caught my eyes, it is about Mexico City is planing to start warning about earthquakes through mobile text messages and social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. I absolutely agree with this idea and hope Thailand could do this as well. It was a terrible disaster for my country in 7 years ago, everything was destroyed, lot of people were killed and homeless, economy was down and everything was changed in my country.

For Mexico City earthquake killed 10,000 people in 1985 and now the country uses an earthquake warning system with radio warning and sirens that don’t always go off, and some people said they cannot hear them.

Twitter was a valuable tool during disasters such as  earthquakes and tsunamis on various occasions. For example, Twitter users shared the tsunami’s estimated times of arrival on U.S. shores before the government announced an official tsunami warning.


Facebook Sponsor Stories

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From the last post about Facebook, i found additional information about Facebook again that i always use it but i don’t know what’s it. Unbelievable me!!

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced ‘Sponsored Stories’, advertising that allows users to see which brands their friends have interacted with. You can ‘likes’ and ‘place check-ins’ at the brand that you go, for example I can check-ins at Strabucks or any places, it is a new ad types which are on the right hand side ad space, there are now seven kinds of sponsored story:

  • Page like
  • Page post
  • Page post like
  • App used or game played
  • App shared
  • Facebook Places check-in
  • Domain or link shared

From the study of TBG Digital revealsd that ads with social context resulted in a 46 percent higher check-through overall.

There are the Sponsored Stories guide that you can read it here.


Apple is the world’s most valuable brand!!

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I just read the latest news about Apple that it surpasses Google as the world’s top brand!! I was a little bit surprised about this news because Google was the top brand for the past four years but now Apple dethroned Google to be the second. This is the brand study of global brands agency Millward Brown listed the six technology companies in the top ten:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. IBM
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Microsoft
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. AT&T
  8. Marlboro
  9. China Mobile
  10. General Electric

Anyway, The Facebook brand appeared for the first time at the 35 slot; don’t be surprised if they crack the top ten next year.  And also Chinese search engine Baidu rose to number 29 from 46 Nineteen of the top 100 brands came from emerging markets; there were only13 in last year’s report.


Are you confusing about Facebook Privacy??

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As i told you that i always use my Facebook when i turned on my computer. I started to use Facebook three years ago and at first i didn’t know about the privacy of Facebook. One year passed, i just realized that i have to make my Facebook private!! because there are lots of news about disadvantage of Facebook. Once, i got an email from my friend about the crime that happened from Facebook, it’s very terrible story! Then, i tried to find the way to private it immediately but sometimes i still confused about Facebook Privacy. How about you?

This is such a few information that you should know for your privacy…

Facebook only knows where you are when you tell it where you are. No matter what settings you have turned on. You must “Checkin” via a mobile phone in order for Facebook to know where you are.

No matter what your privacy settings are no one can see your private Messages.

Facebook makes money from ads. Facebook analyzes you the same no matter what your privacy settings are. Privacy settings change how other people see you, not how Facebook sees you.

Facebook only knows what you tell it. Facebook does not know anything about you that you don’t give it permission to know.

Facebook knows where you live (if you gave it that info)

Facebook has your phone number (if you gave it that info)

Facebook knows who your friends are (if you gave it that info)

Facebook knows where you work (if you gave it that info)

Now, you got it so, DO IT!!


Facebook Studio May 8, 2011

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We knew that today Facebook is a social media site that playing important role in everyday life. For example me, i always check Facebook or Twitter when i opened computer. It’s not only me but also my friends! I noticed that Facebook is always develop its site, it has more functions to be convenience its member, now Facebook has launched a new site called Facebook Studio to showcase creative social media campaigns, it purposes marketers, creatives or any people who can share their work and also browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook. Facebook Awards will recognize the best creative work on Facebook which is encouraging the advertising world. It’s a guide to Facebook’s marketing showcase.


Such a creative advertising… May 7, 2011

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Today, i was on internet to find something interesting for my blog and yes, i got it!! It’s excellence advertising made by Japanese, always Japanese! I would say that Japanese people are always make something creative, I love to see their works. And this advertising is very creative, it’s a giant xylophone plays “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” using only the power of gravity. It’s a lovely idea which ends with a simple shot of the Touch Wood SH-o8C phone. Let’s see this amazing video….


Broadcast your wish… April 26, 2011

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Three day left for The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I believe all people here is very excited for this ceremony!! When i walked in the city, i heard many people were talking about this topic. They seem to be happy for this ceremony very much and i think they would like to send all the best wishes to their prince but how many ways they can express their wish…

There is the website for this ceremony that i really like an idea that people can express their wishes through the video by sending their messages on the Youtube Royal channel, it is a creative idea which is suitable for today – online society.