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Facebook Sponsor Stories May 10, 2011

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From the last post about Facebook, i found additional information about Facebook again that i always use it but i don’t know what’s it. Unbelievable me!!

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced ‘Sponsored Stories’, advertising that allows users to see which brands their friends have interacted with. You can ‘likes’ and ‘place check-ins’ at the brand that you go, for example I can check-ins at Strabucks or any places, it is a new ad types which are on the right hand side ad space, there are now seven kinds of sponsored story:

  • Page like
  • Page post
  • Page post like
  • App used or game played
  • App shared
  • Facebook Places check-in
  • Domain or link shared

From the study of TBG Digital revealsd that ads with social context resulted in a 46 percent higher check-through overall.

There are the Sponsored Stories guide that you can read it here.


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