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Stephen Waddington April 21, 2011

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The time is running very fast! Now, i almost finish 2nd semester and i have to think about my master thesis topic which i have to start writing in the beginning of June. It is not easy to think about the topic and then you have to think about the job when you finished your master, isn’t it?

Anyway, Stephen Waddington from Speed communications gave us a very interesting advices for PR job when he was a guest speaker at the University of Sunderland. He explained that today social media is influencing for our everyday life, many organisations are using social media to promote their brands. Also, they use social media for example, Twitter or Facebook for some campaigns. Besides, he gave ideas for PR students, how to get a job before graduate that we should build our reputation by using social media, join the conversation, create your own blog and website. These advices are very helpful for us and some PR students had their own reputation. It is an important tools for PR because today PR is online.

After finished his speech, he gave us an interview about the suggestions for organisation to develop their social media strategy and how QR Code is important for the future and also the idea about how to manage your online reputation…


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