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The Video Interview March 14, 2011

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As from our MA PR class about video interview, if you are looking to insert some video interview in your current content, what you need are some ideas, here are some guidelines for easy shooting video to inspire your blogging dreams….

Making video interviews on topics relevant to your audience is not only a great way to produce easy to edit video content, but also to attract links from the interviewee and others who watch and share the video. It’s important, you have to make sure what you discuss with both the interviewee and the interviewer stays relevant to your audience.

Starting by knowing which specific story points you want to interview to address, you should know the story before you enter the room for interview.

Get comfortable talking with the person before you set up all the camera. Let the person know that you care about him or her, the other person might be more nervous.

The person will want to look at you, don’t stant directly behind the camera, but do stand close to it. If you walk around, the person will keep watching you. That will look weird. Stay in one place and maintain eye contact with the person.

Get CLOSE. A big face is good in online video. And play attention to the background. Look out for distracting items or action behind the person.

Here are the example of how to shoot video interview from, editor Adam Pasick describes how to shoot two different kind of video interviews, including lighting, framing and sound.


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